Summer Was Here - Art Direction, Design + Illustration


Creative Problem Solver. Conceptual Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.

Working on a watercolor illustration

Working on a watercolor illustration



I have worked across a variety of fields including digital design, print design, UI, animation and motion graphics, production art, and fine arts. I love the challenge of working with a variety of brands and accessing their needs.

After working for 4 years at GSD&M advertising agency in Austin, TX, I had the opportunity to make a temporary move abroad to Costa Rica. While there, I took the leap into full time freelance and embraced the digital nomad lifestyle. It has been a great opportunity to work with different brands and on exciting new projects.

My past clients include Simon & Schuster, Hilton Hotels, Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods, Chipotle and Walgreens.

My card designs can be found at



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