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Day 5 // Orcas Wildlife

Day 5. We got very little sleep our last night. Despite being warned by our camp host, we failed to put all food in sealed compartments. A very determined little mouse spent the night scaling the wall of our tent, climbing over the zipped netting and onto the table where I had left a bag of chocolate chip cookies. When we would wake up and shine our flashlight at him, he frantically ran back out of our tent, only to repeat the process all through the night. After a mostly sleepless night, we made some breakfast and went on a hike through the nearby forest to Cascae Falls and sunset Rock. We saw some interesting wildlife and the views were amazing. Unfortunately, the time had finally come to pack our stuff and say goodbye. A lot of (metaphorical) tears were cried as we headed back to Seattle for the night before making the final departure back to Austin.

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